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The music of Ferdinand Schwarz explores issues of time and perception. The concentrated world he presents within his compositions guides us through an almost trance-inducing process where the given is magnified, enabling us to find new perspectives within the seemingly simple and known. Through this focus, experiencing this music becomes a uniquely satisfying exercise in transcendence and non-biased self-exploration.

It is a striking implementation of rigorous conceptual ideas, progressively revealing profound emotive and personal dimensions.


He released a live album in 2022 with an exceptional 12-piece ensemble of improvisers that, not only through its specific instrumentation, but also through strict limitations and simple musical gestures becomes an exciting experience of one large unified instrument.

Integral part of this release is the 40 minute composition Inherent which brings forth an astonishing utilization of minimalist structures, demonstrating intense simplicity and stillness - a sculpturesque piece of sound.

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