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Exploring issues of time and perception, Ferdinand Schwarz is a composer-performer intrigued by slow and seemingly simple sounds, that he deploys in the design of compositions and communal listening practices.
In search of a music that allows one to be immersed in its presence, unchanging, not telling a story as such, but making space for being continuous and presently now, his work unfolds in formal rigour towards an emotional depth that fosters emptiness and recalibration; in resistance of a high-paced and profit based concept of the world.

Ferdinand is interested in listening as an active condition; a creative and contingent tool pointing towards states of magnified presence and self-experience.
His solo project the rhythms of harmony in space is a performance-installation utilising wave interference, just intonation, and the experience of space via listening with a self-built instrument made of multiple air-pressure machines and melodicas.
Since 2023 he hosts regular sounding listening sessions where communal listening practices are explored.

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